North Sea Community Association
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                                Michael Mosolino (631) 394-4081 For Building Use

Usage agreement

                                  North Sea Community Association

                                                                                          P.O. Box 318

                                                                                      130 Noyac Road

                                                                                  Southampton, NY 11969


This agreement, acknowledges your request to use the North Sea Community House and property on:_________________________20_________Time from_____________ to ________________­­­­

There is a donation for use for a member in good standing  for upkeep and maintenance  of property per use and a damage  deposit for the same is required for all usage.  A insurance binder must be provided by member,  At the determination that the Community House was returned in proper condition and there is  no damage to the property and it was left clean, the  damage deposit will be returned to  the member.­­­­

Once you membership in good standing has been verified The donation and  damage deposit of the same amount to be held until it is determined that the Community House was returned in proper condition and  there was no damage to the property, the damage deposit will be returned. In the event you intent to provide adult beverages, a Liquor license must be obtained from NYS License Center. This can be done 15 days prior to event  but should be done at least 30 days to insure compliance, a copy must be provided to The Community Association   
  Used Insurance online .

Conditions of use: Property must be vacated by 11:00 pm. The use of loud music is prohibited. Alcohol is restricted unless proper permits have been obtained. Decoration should be limited with consideration do not put nails, straps, staples or tacks in trim or wall. Use strip provided across the wall. Light tapes are permitted providing the paint is not removed. Do not remove any Community House items from wall. You are responsible to clean up after your event, in the event the property is not cleaned, a fifty dollar per hour CLEANING FEE, will be charged for the said cleaning. Do not leave Garbage, removal fees apply.
Keep in mind this is a historic property

 If you agree to all the terms above, Please sign and return the agreement with a copy of your driver’s license or proof of address, payment and deposit.

Users Name________________________________________________

Users Address_______________________________________________

Users Phone number_________________________________________


Michael Mosolino         631-287-5070    cell 631 -394-4081 
email required  insurance certificates  or licenses  to

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